Innovative Technology Firm VERITECH, LLC Completes Purchase Of All-New Headquarters

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Leading technology provider, Veritech, is excited to announce the purchase of a large property in Aberdeen, Maryland, which will become the organization’s new headquarters. The premises will now be undergoing extensive renovation to ensure that it will allow Veritech to bring all of its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing and operations together in one venue.

Established in 2015, Veritech has quickly become one of the country’s leading technology and engineering firms. The brand specializes in designing software, hardware solutions, and OEM manufacturing, striving to bring simplicity to otherwise complex tasks. The company has also worked with the United States military, providing Systems Engineering and Technical Assitance (SETA) support, rapid prototyping, software and hardware engineering, manufacturing, and fielding services.

Veritech focuses on the most pressing national security issues, and its team utilizes its combined years of expertise and knowledge as warfighters, researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs to develop highly cost-effective and innovative solutions.

As the company has grown and expanded, one constant has remained the same: its commitment to providing proven, reliable, and consistent results. Now, Veritech is excited to announce that it has completed the purchase of a new facility in Aberdeen, Maryland. Located at 1070 Hardees Drive, the property will become the brand’s new headquarters, allowing it to expand its array of services further.

The vast facility is currently undergoing major refurbishment in order to meet Veritech’s high standards. Alongside ample office space, 1070 Hardees Drive will also provide facilities for conference calls, engineering development, testing, quality control, engineering, and distribution.

This complete overhaul of the external grounds and the internal building will mark the first time that Veritech will be able to bring all of its operations under one roof, giving them greater control. It will also allow the growing brand to include full OEM manufacturing capabilities in-house, ensuring that it can continue to provide exceptional results to its clients.

Bringing their SETA support and manufacturing capabilities together in the new headquarters not only helps to increase the efficiency of Veritech but it also allows them to offer their customers far more. Clients will now be able to benefit from a true “boots on the ground” experience as the Veritech software and hardware developers will be able to work in tandem with the manufacturing teams, operating and meeting with each other on a daily basis.

The new Veritech headquarters marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s history. Although the premises will allow them to expand their current offering further, the organization is already planning further growth with the intention of purchasing the neighbouring property to add an additional 11,000 square feet expansion.

Speaking on the announcement of the new headquarters, Veritech’s Chief Operating Officer, Tracy Marie Batman, added, “We are incredibly excited to confirm the purchase of our new HQ. The facility is the first time we will have all our operations under one roof, and it will allow us to provide a truly comprehensive service for our growing client base. Since our launch, we have always focused on providing the very best solutions, be it software or hardware, for our clients. Our fundamental approach to design ensures results that are innovative, dependable, stable, and of course, viable and the new headquarters will allow us to build on this approach and offer even more real-world solutions for our clients. By purchasing the 1070 Hardees Drive location versus simply leasing, we are able to fully customize the facility to meet our Clients’ full scope SETA, engineering and manufacturing requirements.”


Tracy M. Batman
Chief Operating Officer